Scrubbed Pine Table. Round Glass Dinner Table. Adjustable Height Folding Table.

Scrubbed Pine Table

scrubbed pine table

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Museum of Oxford Project 37

Museum of Oxford Project 37

Jericho Kitchen Exhibit
Cupboard, doors, windows and wooden panelling from houses in Cardigan Street, Jericho.built before 1850.These are typical of fittings of living rooms in such terraced houses.(given by city estates department).

Late 19th -century cast iron-iron range.made by Kingerlee & Sons had an ironmongers shop at 35 Queen Street in the 1890s. White pine table, whitened with scrubbing. These tables were scrubbed without soap,along the grain of the wood.

Oxford 2011

Devils Peak on Sunday morning

Devils Peak on Sunday morning

Had "one of those" walks with Fritz on Sunday morning where everything is quiet and still and awesome and people are smiling and say hello as you walk past and the world just seems like a better place and then Fritz eats some shit on the side of the trail and stank up the car on the way back. Gave him a good scrubbing when we got home. Bliss.

scrubbed pine table

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